Aug. 2018
invited lecture at International Congress for Mathematicians 2018
Jan. 2017
Winter school on sum-of-squares, UC San Diego, see slides
Sep. 2016
Seminar on sum-of-squares at Princeton University with lecture notes
May 2016
Quarterly Theory Workshop: Semidefinite Programming Hierarchies and Sum of Squares, Northwestern University.
Jan. 2015
18th Midrasha Mathematicae: In and Around Combinatorics, Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, Jerusalem.
Dec. 2014
Midwest Theory Day, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Sep. 2014
workshop on semidefinite optimization, approximation and applications, Simons Institute, Berkeley.
Sep. 2014
lectures on extended formulations and the sum-of-squares method at Fifth Cargèse Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization, Corsica, France.
Feb. 2014
workshop on semidefinite programming and graph algorithms, ICERM, Providence.